50 challenging levels across 5 different worlds. Collect coins to unlock more levels! Every level has 3 coins:
  • Completion coin: Get to the wormhole alive.

  • Carrot coin: A hidden carrot placed somewhere on every level. Find it and take it with you to the wormhole!

  • Time attack coin: Race against a ghost and beat the time attack time!

  • Deathmatch mode: Kick your friends off cliffs, drag them onto spikes, break their necks! (Disclaimer: not recommended for fragile or strained friendships).

  • Basketball mode: Choose a team, then fight to get the ball into your hoop! The team with the most points wins!

  • Controller support for up to 4 players!
  • Physics-based character and world.
  • Mind-blowing 2.5D computer-generated graphical images.
  • Evocative musical soundtrack, with grooves so addictive they've been banned in dance clubs across the world.
  • Unbelievable dance moves.


  • Does Super Bunny Man have online multiplayer?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We are currently investigating the feasibility of online co-op for the Steam version of Super Bunny Man. We have several prototypes right now, but we are not yet able to confirm whether or not online features will make it into the final version of Super Bunny Man.

  • Will Super Bunny Man be ported to Switch/Xbox/PS4/MacOS/Linux etc?

Our current plans are to get Super Bunny Man on as many platforms as possible, but this won’t be until after the final release on Steam. We want Super Bunny Man to be available to everyone, so we will do our best to get it onto consoles and other operating systems. Sorry for the wait!

  • When is the final release date for Super Bunny Man on Steam?

Our current estimate for final release is sometime around the first half of 2019, but this may change.

  • I have a great idea for a feature!

Got ideas or feedback for Super Bunny Man? Let us know on the Steam discussions page! You can find it here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/673750/discussions/

  • Where can I get the latest news on Super Bunny Man?

We post news for Super Bunny Man on Twitter! For previews of upcoming features and other exciting news, follow us here: https://twitter.com/Catobyte

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Super Bunny Man - Classic

Super Bunny Man was first created for Android in 2016. The original game contained 30 levels in a single player story mode. Now re-titled "Super Bunny Man - Classic"!